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Donavan Butcher Block

Donavan Butcher Block

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20" long by 15" wide by 2 1/4" thick.
This Butcher Block is named in honor of my oldest son, Donavan. Donavan is in the beginning stages of becoming a very brute, strong man. He is the kindest, most thoughtful, biggest hearted person I know. In his younger ages, he was very accident prone and has beat himself up a bit. These types of boards/blocks describe him perfectly!

These butcher blocks are made from the edge grain of Walnut wood, soaked in food grade mineral oil and finished with cutting board wax. They are equipped with rubber feet, attached with stainless steel screws to protect your counter surface. They are meant to take a lot and still look good with proper care. These beautiful blocks will last a lifetime with proper care! They can at times be the most difficult boards to create but with a little bit of Donavan's heart and strength, the end product is absolutely perfect! I am a very fortunate father to have such an amazing son and I want to share a little piece of his personality with you. He lights up my world every single day and hopefully this is a way for him to light yours up too!

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