About Me

Royer’s Woodworking, LLC is based on my dedication and ambition to build a successful business as a Veteran of the U.S. Army and for my children.  I began woodworking as a child when my siblings and I would build sweet ramps for our bicycles and anything else with wheels that we wanted to give airtime.  Unfortunately for me, as the youngest sibling, I was usually the test subject. I officially began woodworking when I was 14 years old. I became interested when I saw some of the things my brother-in-law would build in his vocational carpentry class.  Along with that, my father showed me that with hard work and dedication, you can build almost anything with your bare hands.  I began saving money from mowing lawns, paperboy routes and home allowances. I saved enough to buy a cheap jig saw, circular saw and palm sander.  I began exploring the things I could create and fell in love with my woodworking hobby.  I began by making things such as shelves, planter boxes, benches, and wishing wells for family members.  I took carpentry classes for a couple of years and held a job as a carpenter during and after high school.

     After 9/11 and seeing my brother get deployed while tensions in the Middle East were still rising, I felt that I needed to do my part. I felt compelled to do so, not only for our country, but for my family as well. I gave up my carpentry job and enlisted in the Army in 2005, dedicating 15 years of my life to our great nation.  I’ve held many positions while in the Army.  The most fulfilling and honorable positions were my tenure as a Drill Sergeant and my Squad Leader time in Iraq.  Throughout my career I never lost my passion for woodworking.  When time and money was plentiful, I would work on projects for my family and friends.  At the end of my Army career, I was in a position to fill a contracted carpentry job on Fort Leavenworth. Due to an unforeseen incident, I was not able to fill that job because I had lost my only means of transportation.  By the time I was able to secure a new vehicle, the job was already filled.  As many of my friends and family already know, I was placed in a situation where I neutralized an active shooter on the Centennial Bridge that crosses over the Missouri River and through the Kansas and Missouri state lines.  If you are interested in more details to this story, click on the photos below for two videos describing the incident.

Key to the city


     I have always wanted to have my own woodshop and share my creations with people, so I thought why not turn a hobby into a business and a dream into reality.  With a lot of motivation, encouragement and advice from some really great friends, I am now moving towards my goal of running my own shop.  I want to be able to get out of the garage, in the near future, and into a building but that will not happen without your support as a customer.  If you are interested in any of the products available or have an idea for a custom piece, please don’t hesitate to reach out and get in contact! If you made it this far in the about me section, I want to personally thank you for your dedication and I appreciate all of your support!

Til the end!