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David Cutting Board

David Cutting Board

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Cutting Area- 18 3/4" long by 10 1/2" wide
Multipurpose Area- 5" long by 6" wide
These boards are named in honor of my youngest son, David. David is very intelligent, handsome, mature, practical, and sometimes stubborn. He's the kind of kid that makes you angry because he thinks he knows everything but he actually does (most of the time). When you realize it, you don't want to punish him, you just want to hug him! 

This board is meant to be useful besides just cutting on it. It was created with a lot of thought and practicality. Between David's video gaming sessions, he gives me ideas of ways to make these boards more useful. I take all of his suggestions and place them into these boards. Especially since he's probably the smartest one in our family after all! I am a very fortunate father to have such an amazing son and I want to share a little piece of his personality with everyone. He lights up my world every single day and hopefully this is a way for him to light yours up too!

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